Source: Xinhua

“In California we’re not encumbered by Washington politics. We have our own politics,” California Governor Jerry Brown said at the California-China Business Summit in Beverly Hills in the western U.S. state of California on Thursday.

In a dramatic change from Hollywood’s glittering Golden Globes and celebrity bashes, the Beverly Hilton opened its doors to the 2018 California-China Business Summit, which is co-organized by the Milken Institute a prestigious economic think tank, CHINAWEEK which is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing understanding of and access to China, and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.

Atop the long list of issues and concerns being discussed was the U.S.-China trade tiff that has sparked retaliatory tariffs which threaten lucrative business ties between California and China.

The guiding principle behind the China Week is the belief that by introducing China to the Western world through the lens of Los Angeles, the natural gateway to the East, they can strengthen bonds and create a new dialogue between the two great nations.

“This event strengthens the growing economic, cultural and social ties between California and China,” affirmed Governor Brown…

Peter Shiao, chairman of CHINAWEEK, summed it up best, “The future of our world depends on our ability to understand, appreciate, and connect with other countries. Learning about the arts, culture, business, sciences and history of another country enriches life and provides a powerful way to strengthen communities,” asserts Shiao.

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