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BUSINESSMEN in China and the United States should cooperate, especially in the fields of energy technology, pollution reduction, transport, infrastructure and movies, California Governor Jerry Brown has said.

Brown made the remarks at a California-China business forum, called “California-China Business Summit,” which kicked off in Los Angeles on Wednesday, with more than 200 US and Chinese entrepreneurs and officials gathering together to discuss further business cooperation.

Brown hailed the contribution made by Chinese Americans, saying California has “an unusual interest and commitment to working with China” because it has more people coming from China than other states.

Liu Jian, consul general of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angles, expressed his confidence in China’s economy when he spoke at the event.

With high expectations for China’s continuous development this year, Liu said this year marked the beginning of China’s 13th Five-Year (2016-2020) Plan, which would help put the country’s growth on a more solid foundation and create opportunities for sustainable development in the long run.

The business forum was held under the framework of a China-California joint working group on trade and investment cooperation, which was established three years ago as the first working group to build close economic ties between the US state and some Chinese provinces.

“This kind of cooperation mechanism becomes a new vehicle of China-US trade and investment cooperation and brings our two countries even closer. Now more states are following suit; so far, there are all together seven such working groups,” Liu said.

The forum was part of a “China Week” program which includes conferences and exhibitions to cooperate in trade, culture and environmental protection.

“China Week was created to offer a permanent and scalable platform to help Americans and Chinese come together to advance the most important bilateral relationship in the world today,” said Peter Shiao, chairman of China Week.

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